GE2019 (Part 2)

Doing some more work on the GE2019 data set this regional breakdown of the vote was striking to me. Looking at the Conservative voter regionally, the region of England with the highest mean Tory vote across its constituencies was the West Midlands.


A lot of the the Python and R data skills work I’ve been doing over the last year or two have used the UK General Election 2017 dataset as a basis (I subset the data to include only English seats). When you

DIY Hifi

Recently I started thinking about building my son a hifi system for his birthday. Not a system with expensive separates though. I thought I would go the way of building from base components, to make it easily repairable and upgradeable. The Raspberry

The Second Coming

Eight years ago I started keeping a private blog of poems that I particularly like, it’s still kept here. There was never intended to be much crossover between that blog and this one, but a friend referenced the Yeats poem ‘The Second

The Strangest Man

I am reading Graham Farmelo’s excellent biography of the 20th century quantum physicist Paul Dirac. I was fascinated by Dirac as I kept getting glimpses of him in other material I was reading over the years, but never had the chance to

John Snow’s Ghost Map

The John Snow data of the Soho (a central district of London) cholera outbreak of 1854 is a classic study for those learning data visualisation. Snow is recognized as one of the founders of modern epidemiology (I learn that some also consider him

Crunching a dataset

So with my new Jupyter Notebook setup and taking some data prepared by a political scientist called Prof. Chris Hanretty of Royal Holloway (linked to here on Harvard academic Pippa Norris‘s website) I set about doing quite a bit of crunching on