Reworking some old photographs

I finally got around to retiring some old software called Aperture that Apple have been in the process of dropping for sometime. I’d been dreading the process of importing thousands of images taken over the last 10 years, mainly in Africa. I spent a whole day importing the library in Adobe Lightroom and straightening things up. It’s been a valuable process in some ways, Lightroom has a rather less intuitive interface than Aperture but is a more capable piece of photographic kit.

Health professionals visit a coffee plantation, SW Rwanda, May 2009

This was a photograph I particularly liked, taken for a USAID programme called SPREAD, which ran from 2006 to 2011 and focused on improving the returns from agriculture in Rwanda. With heavy shadows and strong backlight it was somewhat challenging to optimise. The burning in on the face of the young woman kneeling in the corner of the room, takes her from a marginal figure in the unaltered image, to the centre of the shot.

What was being discussed in this room over ten years ago, and what was she thinking that day? We’ll never know.

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